Program Evaluation

Grant Development & Evaluation Plans
Competitive grants articulate clear objectives and measures for evaluation.  To be successful, grant proposals need to have clear alignment between program design and objectives.  Grandview Evaluation can assist with grant writing and evaluation planning.  Grant development and evaluation services are often allowable expenses to grant budgets.

Formative Evaluation
Enhance program implementation with Grandview Evaluation formative feedback services.  Formative data is useful to ensuring a program’s services are reaching the target population and are being implemented with fidelity.  Focus groups, client/participant interviews, and online surveys can provide feedback that will drive  decision-making toward progress.

Feedback Survey Administration
Simple survey development is useful to programs interested in asking specific questions regarding a program’s customer service.  All aspects of survey implementation, including instrument development, administration, analysis, and reporting are provided by Grandview Evaluation.  Impress prospective funders or obtain the feedback you need for advertising and promotion.

Outcome Measure Development
What lasting effects does your program have on the individuals it serves?  From learning outcomes through applied skill acquisition, outcome measures should be customized to the program’s individual design to ensure content validity of the findings.  Grandview Evaluation will develop measures to best fit the objectives of your company’s initiatives.  Pre-post testing, observational checklists, and behavioral data collection are some examples of how outcomes measures may be translated to fit your program’s needs.

Quasi-Experimental Design
Grandview Evaluation understands that a complete program evaluation is applied research.  Our experience in full-scale program evaluation for private foundations and the federal government has prepared Grandview Evaluation to provide complete evaluation research reports for any purpose.  We are available to design and implement research methodology that will culminate into a full report for your administration or funder.


Educational Program Development
Grandview Evaluation has experience in inter-curricular programs, the social sciences, art programming, and special education.  We are available for consultation on program development and enhancements.